Fiction | Dark comedy | Feature Film | IN-HOUSE | 2023


The Coffee Table is a black comedy directed by Caye Casas and starring David Pareja and Estefania de Santos.

The film tells the story of David and Laura, who have just become parents. The couple is in crisis and trying to survive certain problems, among them the lack of money and the lack of support from family members. These difficulties will be put on the back burner after the couple buys a tablet for the dining room, which will turn out to be the worst decision they have ever made in their lives.

Data sheet

Direction: Caye Casas 

Script: Caye Casas y Cristina Borobia

Direction of photography: Alberto Morago

Sound: Juan Carlos Cuevas

Editing: Caye Casas

Art direction: Cristina Borobia

HMU: Toni Morales

Costume design: BAFARADA


Production: Alhena Production, La Charito Films y Apocalipsis Producciones

Line production: Norbert Llaràs, Diego Rodríguez, Maria José Serra

Artistic sheet

David Pareja, Estefanía de los Santos, Josep Maria Riera, Clàudia Riera, Eduardo Antuña, Gala Flores, Cristina Dilla, Itziar Castro, Aitana García, Paco Benjumea, Clàudia Font, Pere Vall, Damià Fustagueras Petit, Emilio Gavira 


- “Best International Film" in the competitive section “White Raven” at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (2023)

-”Best Script” and “Best actor for David Pareja” at the XIX Fantaspoa - International Fantastic Film Festival of Porto Alegre Brasil (2023)

-"Audience Award for Best Film” at the International Horror Film Festival of Mexico City (2023)

-“Grand Prix Crossovers for the Best Film” at FEFFS The Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival France (2023)

-"Best International Film”, “Best Script” for Caye Casas and Cristina Borobia, “Best International Performance” for Estefania de los Santos at Night of Horror Australian Film Fest (2023)

-“Best Film”, “Best Actor” for David Pareja “Honorable Mention for Best Screenplay” for Caye Casas and Cristina Borobia at GRIMMFEST Films Festival, Manchester (2023)

-“Best Direction” and “Best Performance” for David Pareja and Estefanía de los Santos at the HorrorFest International Film Festival, Utah (2023)

- “Best Script”  at Hellifax Horror Film Festival in Nova Scotia, Canada (2023)

-“Audience Award for Best Feature Film” and “Best Film” at Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, TerrorMolins (2023)

-“Audience Award” at Spalt International Fantastic Film Fest, Poland (2023)

-“Best Ibero-American Film”, “Best Performance” for Estefanía de los Santos and "Best Sound Design” in Donosti Fantastic and Horror Cinema Week (2023)

-“Best Internacional Film” i “Best Performance” for David Pareja and Estefanía de los Santos in CURTAS-Festival Internacional Vilagarcia de Arousa International Fantastic Film Festival (2023)


-Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (2023)

-XIX Fantaspoa - International Fantastic Film Festival, Porto Alegre, Brasil (2023)

-The Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (2023)

-Transilvania International Film Festival, Romania (2023)

-International Horror Film Festival, Mexico City  (2023)

-Fantastic Fest Austin (2023)

-FEFFS The Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival, França (2023)

-A Night of Horror Australian Film Fest (2023)

-Santiago Horror Film Festiva, Santiago de Chile  (2023)

-GRIMMFEST Film Festival (2023)

-Kaohsiung Film Festival, Taiwan (2023)


-ToHorror Fantastic Film Fest  (2023)

-HorrorFest International Film Festival  (2023)

-Ramaskrik Film Festival (2023)

-Hellifax Horror Film Festival  (2023)

-Horror Film Festival TerrorMolins, Molins de Rei (2023)

-HOF International Film Festival (2023)

-Spalt International Fantastic Film Fest (2023)

-Imagine Filmfestival Amsterdam (2023)

-Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, Donosti (2023)

-CURTAS Festival do Imaxinario of Vilagarcia de Arousa (2023)

-International Fantastic Film Festival of Castilla y León (2023)

-Fancine Fantastic Film Festival of Málaga (2023)

-Isla Calavera,Tenerife (2023)

-Tracking Bilbao (2023)

-FELINA International and National Film Festival (2023)

-Festival Tallinn Black Nights FF (2022)

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