Development | Horror/Drama | Shortfilm | IN-HOUSE | 2024


One hot afternoon, Gabi has to leave her company Óscar's house, due to an impromptu meeting that will take place in a few minutes. Gabi, very disconcerted, recull seves things about her to marxar-se, but aside from her, she has to kill a panerola that appears in the living room and that poses manifesting Oscar's terrible phobia of this beast.

A deep feeling of insecurity and anxiety is felt in the house, whose face is congested and swollen by the toxic product that floods the house. Because of the delay caused by the incident, Oscar's friends entered the building, walked to the door, and Gabi, overwhelmed and visibly affected, had to wait in the bedroom at home, on the spot. repulsed and tries not to fer soroll.

Gabi, who is in a deplorable state, will turn into a huge, monstrous and repugnant panerola and will confront the home with a fear of beasts.

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